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"dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole"

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Elizabeth, April 19, 2017

My name is Stella and i was rescued from by Home At Last Dog Rescue ..I now live overlooking the ocean in Port Moody and Melissa and Kim have stolen my heart and are my forever friends. I love them . They bring cuddles, treats and loving energy to my new life . They are the best . In my former life when i was not treated with kindness i dreamed about compassionate ladies ..Kim and Melissa helped make my dreams come true

Testimonial from Sarah, April 13, 2017

Kim is amazing!!!!! We honestly don't have the right words to fully express just how big that amazing is. Not only do our two dogs and one very old iguana love her to pieces but she truly goes way over and above to provide exceptional care. We are just so grateful for her calm composure and high level of integrity despite being in stressful or difficult situations (of which my dogs and our house and the weather have all presented her with!) There is nothing she can't handle and we feel such comfort in knowing that Kim is there to care for our extremely loved creatures and all our worldly possessions. Thank you Kim!!!

With great appreciation!

Sarah and Tristen

Coquitlam, BC

Testimonial from Faye, Aug 28, 2016

I was hesitant to use a pet service as I have only been comfortable leaving my dogs with family in the past due to a bad experience a kennel in the past. However after talking to Kim I was confident and at ease with allowing my senior dogs to be under her care as she seemed very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate towards my dogs needs. Fetch Club was convenient and flexible with the hours of service they provided as well and I was very happy with the price. Kim sent pictures throughout my trip to show me that my dogs were comfortable happy and well cared for, this allowed for an even better trip. When I picked my dogs up they were happy to see me but I could tell they were given the same attention and love they would have been given at home! Thx so much Fetch Club I look forward to using the service again and so do Rico & Spirit 

Testimonial from Steph, Dec 23 2015 

Lucy loves her fetch club family! And we love having a tired puppy when we get home :)

Testimonial from Rachael July 7, 2015

I have a large dog who can be very energetic and a bit tough to handle. Unfortunately I am not always able to give her the time and attention she needs since I live alone and have to work full time. I often feel bad thinking of her sitting at home alone, so I had Kim and Melissa take my dog for a walk while I was at work. It was great to be able to have someone come over and take her out for some much needed exercise and give her some attention while I wasn't able to. When I got home Stella seemed well exercised and very happy, as well as found an update of how she behaved during her outing. Stella and I thank you both very much, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of your services :)

 Testimonial from Beth May 27, 2015

I just want to take a moment and Thank both Melissa and Kim for taking care such great care of our dog Milo!! I will defintely be using them again and recommending them to anyone in need of someone to take good care of their family member! They sent me pictures all weekend and I could see how much fun he was having!! Both these ladies love pets, understand pets and take wonderful care of them! Thank You Ladies!!! Milo is already looking forward to his next adventure with you! Beth, Nick and Milo

Testimonial from Lindsay, Oct 16, 2015

I've been using Fetch Club Pet Services since moving to Burke Mountain earlier this spring and wanted to share the amazing experience I've had with them. They've been incredibly flexible with their schedules, they're trust worthy, friendly and always treat my dog Barkley like he's their own. I know that when they take him out for his daily hikes that he's well taken care of as I get immediate updates and pictures of their adventures. When I come home from work, he's always in a calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Fetch Club.

Testimonial from Lisa

Melissa took care of my Shitzu poodle cross, named Jack, for a week while I went on holiday to Mexico. She had promised to send me updates on how Jack was doing and what he was up to. All I was expecting was an e-mail once or twice while I was gone. Melissa wrote a couple e-mails & sent photos. Her updates made me feel so much at ease. My dog was calm when I picked him up and he just seemed content. Thank you so much for taking care of my fur baby. I will reccomend you to my friends.

- Lisa M, Business Owner, The Beloved Dog

Testimonial from Lisa

I had the pleasure to work with both Melissa and Kim. They worked for my company and I can say, with confidence, that both Melissa and Kim work hard and with integrity. They take their work very seriously and I would trust either one of them with my own pets. They are very attentive to detail and the best thing I can really say is that the dogs love them! They both read dog language very well and are very confident in making quick decisions about the dogs to ensure that they are safe. I wish them both the best in their new business venture and I firmly believe they will do great.

- Lisa M, Business Owner, The Beloved Dog

Testimonial from Cliff and Noriko

My wife and I had the opportunity to have Kim house sit our dogs while on vacation a number of times.

She was very respectful of the schedule that our dogs were used to and kept our home in a manner that we would have had we been home ourselves.

We would recommend Kim as a trust worthy, dependable and caring person if you were looking for someone to house sit your dogs.

- Cliff & Noriko & Duke & Bailey

Testimonial from Cliff and Noriko

We would not hesitate to have Kim dog/cat/house sit for us at any time! Kim has taken care of our dogs and cats in our home while we are away on vacation. She is totally reliable, confident, trusting, and energetic and absolutely loves her animals – whose ever they may be! She is so enthusiastic about her business and passionate about what she does.

Whatever your needs are for your dog and/or cat, Kim will be there to take care of your pet and home. She loves the outdoors, is caring, compassionate and has a positive attitude. Whether you need someone long term, short term or just for day to day care and walking of your pet, Kim is the “go to” person. We highly recommend Kim! -Winston – Ruff, Ruff, Sukha – meow, meow, Carin Jetté and John Callender

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