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"happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail"

Melissa brings years of experience in professional dog home care and dog walking. She most recently comes from a management role supervising over 40 dogs a day, at a company specializing in doggie adventures and dog daycare.

Melissa is a certified professional dog walker and holds her pet first aid certification. Not only is she a pet professional, but

being around dogs is Melissa’s true passion. You will soon see the love and joy she instantly brings to every experience your dog will have, expressed simply through her infectious smile.

In 2009 Melissa adopted her Chihuahua from Texas and became the proud doggy momma to Chance. After years of learning, training and experience, it became apparent she venture out to start her own business in pet services. Melissa met Kim and their combined need and passion towards pet care became what now is Fetch Club. They have worked together to create the most professional and fun pet service company two young, goal driven women can offer.

Kim grew up with her Shih-tzu and best friend, Niko, and the two were inseparable. That's where her love for dogs began and it didn't stop there. Always wanting to be around dogs, Kim became the permanent pet sitter for family and friends. That still wasn't enough for Kim! She later began volunteering at the BCSPCA as a dog walker and then met Melissa working at a doggy day care. Over the past years, Kim has built up experience and knowledge working with dogs and has become certified in pet first aid, and is also a certified professional dog walker.

Independent, outgoing and ambitious in nature, it was no surprise Kim wanted to branch off and start something she was passionate about. This is when Melissa and Kim came together to build Fetch Club. Her huge heart, hard working nature and fun personality are perfect examples of what Fetch Club represents and offers.

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